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Revelstoke massage therapist Tina Giotsalitis

Revelstoke Massage Therapist Tina Giotsalitis

Revelstoke massage therapist Tina Giotsalitis has over 14 years clinical massage therapy experience. She incorporates up-to-date and well-researched massage therapy and movement training for effective relief from pain and stiffness. She is passionate about keeping up with the latest pain, massage, and rehabilitation sciences. She is regularly upgrading her skills and knowledge as a massage therapist with ongoing continuing education.  She strives to provide you safe, effective and client-directed massage therapy treatment plans for pain and stress relief.

She opened Ascend Massage in Revelstoke in 2015 with the desire to bring more movement and therapeutic exercise options to her massage therapy clients. She is a certified Somatics instructor and incorporates a variety of exercises from a number of disciplines (Pilates, Feldenkrais, etc…) into her treatments and self-care plans. She believes mindful movement and body awareness is a key component of being able to relax and normalize tight, sore, and tired bodies. She offers a variety of exercises to promote mindfulness, breath awareness, strength and more functional movement.

Tina has a background in a variety of sports (baseball, volleyball, ultimate, etc..), as well as a background in several injuries along the way. These experiences helped drive her to focus on pain and injury rehabilitation in massage therapy, and to be better able to understand the needs of many of her clients. Her time in Revelstoke has given her a passion for trail and alpine running/hiking, and she is up skiing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort most days in the winter.  Originally from Toronto, Tina completed her massage therapy training at Sutherland Chan School of Massage Therapy there before moving from Ontario to Jasper in 2007, and then to Revelstoke a couple years later– the place she now calls home.


Massage therapy schedule & online booking